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Donít get taken for a ride - 6 Golden Tips

1. Cheap is not always the best

Donít assume that cheaper lessons will save you money. Concentrate on getting value for money. A inexperienced low grade instructor will cost you more in the long run, resulting in more lessons and tests. - Perhaps more importantly it is your long term safety that you are investing in!

2. Getting value for your money

It is the quality of the Instruction that will have the biggest impact in reducing the overall time and cost of learning to drive! By finding an experienced top quality instructor you could reduce the number of lesson by as much as 30% to 40 % and potentially double your chances of passing the Driving Test!

Doing your research first will save you time and hundreds of pounds!

3. Check your Instructor

Unfortunately there are some illegal instructors around. Make sure your instructor is approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). A green ADI badge should be displayed on the windscreen to prove they are fully eligible to teach you to drive. Check the date and photo.

Be aware that it is perfectly legal for some even well known schools such as B.S.M. to use unqualified inexperienced trainees, (pink PDI badge) over 70% of trainees will never reach the minimum safety & teaching standards required to pass the entry exams.

4. All Instructors are graded by the DSA

The DSA check and grade all instructors at regular intervals, the legal minimum standard is grade 4 it would be wise to find at least a grade 5 this is a good standard or better still the top grade 6 which is a very high standard. If you take the time to find the best, it will save you time and money!

5. Your driving Test

Your test will need to be booked well in advance of your course as the waiting list is often 6 - 8 weeks. (Remember you need to pass your theory and hazard perception tests first). A good instructor will help you with your theory test, you we need to buy a good theory book and/or CD-ROM to help you practice as well as a current copy of the Highway Code & Driving the Essential Skills. Make sure your instructor keeps a record of your progress and follows the official Driving Standards Agency syllabus. You should be in agreement with your instructor as to when to apply for your practical test

6. How many lessons?

The quickest way to learn to drive is an intensive course from a specialist instructor. Taking one lesson a week could take up to a year before you pass your test, sometimes more. As Coaching specialists we know that using coaching techniques is a faster way to learn, you will need fewer lessons saving you money in the long run, most of our pupils require 30% - 40% fewer lessons than the national average (source DSA).

Preparing for your Driving Test

We always give a 2hr assessment lesson to advise you on how much tuition you will need and whether an intensive or a semi intensive would be best for you.


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